Sweetest Child

“One may have to let go his/her most beloved self for his/her own good”
I thought what crap. But that day…

...when I closed my eyes,
I delved deep within myself, exasperated.
I saw a world of facets,
some bruised and a few tainted.

I went for another fall,
looking for the one.
There it was, innocent and sweetest of all.
So pure and second to none.

It drenched my soul,
with joy and bliss.
Sweet as a sugar bowl,
and I gave it a kiss.

I was careful, as ever,
with my softest touch.
Try, as I may, but
I can never love it much.

But now it’s clipping my wings,
eating from within, for a hollow me.
Wounding my soul, painful flings,
Heavens! I want to break free.

Nothing again! It feels dejected.
Wings fluttered, driving me wild,
This is it; I’m on my way,
on my way…
to slay my sweetest child.

The Rule

Don't take your victory for granted, even if you are on the verge of winning, ever.

Because, you might have missed out on the rule.

Serene air,

Fragrance of bliss,

Grace in his walk,

And a gory hiss,

Conflicting psyches,

He threw ‘em all,

Elegant, his walk again,

But fate, a self brawl,

Sweet intent,

All both could wish,

Pleasant venom-divine,

But a near miss,

Unjust decree,

With truth so cruel,

Lost the game, again,

Beaten by the rule.

©2009 Conflictable Creations | by TNB