Sweetest Child

“One may have to let go his/her most beloved self for his/her own good”
I thought what crap. But that day…

...when I closed my eyes,
I delved deep within myself, exasperated.
I saw a world of facets,
some bruised and a few tainted.

I went for another fall,
looking for the one.
There it was, innocent and sweetest of all.
So pure and second to none.

It drenched my soul,
with joy and bliss.
Sweet as a sugar bowl,
and I gave it a kiss.

I was careful, as ever,
with my softest touch.
Try, as I may, but
I can never love it much.

But now it’s clipping my wings,
eating from within, for a hollow me.
Wounding my soul, painful flings,
Heavens! I want to break free.

Nothing again! It feels dejected.
Wings fluttered, driving me wild,
This is it; I’m on my way,
on my way…
to slay my sweetest child.

16 turns in this roller coaster, yet...:

Aniket said...

Were you listening to "Sweet Child of mine" while you wrote that? :P

Nice one mate.

And Symonds played one hell of a knock. Congrats. :D

Gagan said...

Actually I wanted to title it 'Break Free' at first, but then decided otherwise :D

Glad that you liked it!

and we had office today :( so couldn't watch his knock. Mail me the match summary :P

Creation said...

Sort of ironical that I read this tonight when everything seems to indicate that all MY parents want to do is to slay ME...

But, keeping that aside, anotoher commendable work!
A suggestion- change the name of your blog from 'Conflictable Creations' to 'Commendable Creations'.

Gagan said...

Oh! Don't worry for I'm damn sure they won't slay you. Ever :P lolzzz

Thanks for the appreciation :) and how generous of you for that suggestion. :)
(but naming it 'Commendable Creations' would be a little too early :P, but you seriously think so?)

Creation said...

Well, they've been at it for quite a while now and it's just my stubbornness that has kept the inevitable at bay. ;-)

As for the suggestion: yes, I very well mean it!

Meghna said...

One of my fav creations you've made yet! Very well written!

Gagan said...

Thanks, again :)

Finally, I somehow managed to get your attention here :P
I'm more than glad that you liked it.

Keep visiting :)

Little Girl Lost said...

love is such a dangerous thing, no gagan? you make yourself so vulnerable to being wounded from within... till you have no choice but to destroy your love with your own hands.

Lena said...

what i liked in the poem is that rhymes being genuine and not made up just for the sake of rhyming :)

Good work!!

The Colors Magazine

Gagan said...


Yes, it is.
It's like you die a million times inside.
You hit the nail head on here. Very much appreciated :)

'Delicious' :) Thank you so very much for the appreciation.

Keep visiting :)

Gagan said...


Yeah, I could easily identify that in my previous posts.
With people like you around, I'm sure I would get the technicalities right soon :)

Thanks a bunch for your kind words.

Yamini said...

A subtle emotion, very well put.. loved the flow of the poem... keep them coming! :)

Gagan said...


Welcome here :)

I'm glad that you liked it! :)
Thanks a lot for your appreciating words.

Keep visiting :D

Creation said...


Gayab shayab?

Planning to return to blogging anytime soon/.

Gagan said...

Hey hi Kriti

Thanks for dropping by (and telling me that I've a blog to maintain :P)

Yaar, I've so many things to write about however I'm a little occupied these days :(

Will return soon :)


Nikita Banerjee said...

My first visit to your blog...loved these lines: "It drenched my soul,
with joy and bliss.
Sweet as a sugar bowl,
and I gave it a kiss."

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